Classes Submitted (as of 12/21/10 @ 7:54pm)


  • (3-4 year olds) Dinosaur ABC's:($5) We will read books about dinosaurs, make dino related crafts, identify some of our favorite dinosaurs and maybe even act like them. We will also find our own fossils. Submitted By Angela G.
  • Discover the Artist Within You ($10): Come and create with us! We'll have fun learning about famous artists and then creating our own works inspired by their masterpieces. We'll study a different artist every week and we'll experiment with a variety of art materials.. Submitted by Anne, Angelea G.
  • Geography through Genealogy (TBD): Class participants will learn geography through their own genealogy. Learning about location, people, and customs of their ancestors.. Each participant will be asked to learn some interesting information about a country from their heritage to share with the class. If they have a favorite food they can bring it to share with the class. Submitted by Kristin
  • Be A Scientist for A Day: ($6) We'll be doing simple science experiments for the most part but also spending some time thinking about the scientific method. Changing things around and seeing what happens. We'll be doing at least one edible experiment. Some take home work ~ 20 mins for duration of class. Submitted By Kim
  • Angel Bear Yoga: ($5 ) This program allows adults and children to step into an enchanted world where Angel Bear leads them through adventures in the forest. Lessons are divided into two parts – character and nature – utilizing yoga poses, breathing exercises, heart affirmations, visualizations, a creative storyline, quiet time, and relaxation. This yoga program is the first of it’s kind to promote character building through yoga. No yoga experience is needed. Professional illustrations will capture a child’s heart. Ideal for family time, classroom use, yoga/sporting centers, etc. You decide the pace and depth that you want to go. For ages 3-9." Submitted By Julie
6-8 year olds
  • Science with the Magic School Bus ( ) : We'll study a different topic in science each week using magic school bus videos and books, and do an experiment or other hands on project. Children should be able to read instructions (~2nd grade level) in order to follow experiments and do a small amount of writing in class (i.e, fill in the blanks or matching) to record our experience. Submitted by Amy (
  • Game Times: ($0) Bring a game or two to share with friends. Board games and card games are welcome. Dominoes, charades, anything like that just as long as we can do it easily indoors. :) Submitted By Kim (
  • Creating Movement for Performance ($0): In this class we will be creating movement based performances designed by the students. You do not need to know how to dance, but you will be expected to participate in moving to music. Take home work less than 1 hour/week. Submitted By Kara
  • Awesome Art Class! ($5) Open your imaginations! This class will be a fun time of exploring different techniques from collage to sculpture. We'll see examples of famous art works to inspire us and then we'll jump in and create our own masterpieces. Specific skills to be developed will be sharpening our observation, composition, and control over our materials. In the spirit of process over product, many of the projects will be open ended, with an emphasis on taking our time and bringing our work to completion. My goal will be to keep the joy in creating artwork without the paralyzing need for perfection that plagues this age group! Submitted By: Angela Z.
  • Passport Adventures: A Journey of Language and Culture ($5-$10) Bring your passports and come with us as we sample languages of the world, including French, Spanish, and Italian! We will learn to speak and read several words and phrases to help us along in our travels, and have fun experiencing the different cultures through music, dance, food, customs and fun! We'll end our journey with a multi-cultural fair, and celebrate what we've learned with others. Pinata anyone? Submitted By Tess, Susan, Angel Z.
  • Mini-Book Club: (`$5) Book Club Fun - we will explore the theme to a story with activities and share fun facts. Chapter Book to be announced.Daily reading required. Submitted by Jean G.

9-11 year olds

  • Be a Dog-umentarian: ($2) Making Movies About AnimalsIn this class, students will work in teams to research and film a short (3 minute) documentary or nonfiction film about animal behavior. Collaborate, research and create! Combine images, sounds, voice, written word (captions), and even music to tell a compelling film story answering questions about what your animal subject does. Your subject might be an individual animal (for instance, Molly, your dog ), a species (for instance, dogs in general), or other sub-grouping of the animal kingdom (for instance, mammals). In the process, learn about documentaries and the film making process, storyboard development and script writing, shooting and editing video, and related topics. Students will work together in class as teams, taking on various production roles, to develop their film concept, storyboard and write the script, and produce and edit their film. Research,some writing, and (most likely) filming will be done outside of class, so students will need to spend some time each week on class-related tasks -- your team will be relying on you! We will need some families to allow their student to use their video cameras (or digital camera capable of recording a few minutes of video) and also, depending on enrollment, laptops, to facilitate editing in class. However, not everyone will need to lend and if it is not possible for your family, do not be discouraged from taking the class. Submitted By Susan Mor. & Carol (
  • Disease Detectives ($8): This class will be based on the book/unit study _Mystery Disease_ by Mark A. Bohland Students will learn the basics of public health while working to solve a disease outbreak case. The class will work in teams to investiage aspects of the case and present their findings. Homework will be minimal (<1hr/wk) but may include reading, internet research and email communication with classmates/team members. Students should be able to work cooperatively in class and be able to handle discussions of health and illness in a mature manner (i.e., discussion of symptoms of food poisionsing). 1hr/wk HW, may include reading and internet research. Submitted by Amy
  • Oceanography: ($8) This class will provide a broad overview of marine ecosystems as we focus on a branch of oceanography each week, including geology, physics, chemistry and biology, and geography. In class students will be expected to read (a few paragraphs at time) and write (at few sentences) both individually and in groups, as well as follow instructions for completing experiments and projects.Homework may include additional reading, research, and/or activities on the internet, not more than 30 minutes per week. Submitted by Amy
  • Meet the Masters ($10) Join us for creative fun and learning! We will study famous artists and their works and then, follow the steps to produce our own work in the style of each of the artists that we study. This course is based on the "Meet the Masters" curriculum, which is filled with a variety of beautiful art projects. Come and surprise yourself! Submitted By Anne & Nadine

10-12 year olds

  • Theater Games and Improvisation: ($0) Playing different theatre games and practicing different improvisation scenarios. Everyone will be expected to participate in the games and should feel brave enough to improvise with and in front of their peers. Submitted By Kara
  • Legends of Druidawn IV: ($3-$6) A Learning Arbor favorite returns! My son took this class for the first time last semester and is begging me to lead it this semester. The children REALLY enjoy the class time game play AND creative writing homework this class offers because students' word count allows them to buy all types of items for their character. This class is designed for anyone; from the reluctant writer, to ones who loves to write and those who love fantasy/sci-fi play. We will venture through villages, underground, through forests and across seas into magical lands where anything is possible. Where we start in our adventure will depend on the number of returning students vs new students we have and what the class wants to do. Please see the Legends of Druidawn website for more information on how this game inspires creative writing and encourages reluctant writers to want to write. (click this link and look for The Legends of Druidawn on the right sidebar. Submitted By Tanya & Karen
  • Great Moments in Science: (~$10) Come join us as we journey back it time to learn about some of the great moments in science. We'll learn the stories of these discoveries and the scientists who made them through readers theater. Then we'll explore their discoveries by doing some experiments of our own. I'll be using the book by the same name, "Great Moments in Science" written by Kendall Haven, as our guide. Over the course of the class, everyone will be encouraged to take a turn reading a part from one of the scripts (we'll need 4-6 script readers each week). These parts will be assigned in advance so they'll have a chance to read over them before class if they like. Submitted By Karen
  • Fun with Duct Tape:($2) Did you know that you can make a wallet, purse, flower or a hat out of duct tape? Maybe you've seen these awesome creations, but didn't think YOU could do it. Well, here's your chance to learn. You'll learn everything you need to know to make these awesome duct tape creations and more!!! No prior duct tape experience is necessary. Students will need to supply their own duct tape. (Approximately 2-3 regular size (45-50yd) rolls will be needed depending on the size projects they select and the number of mistakes they make.) Submitted By Sean & Karen
  • We The People: (~$5 ) A class on democracy and government that will cover: The history of democracy and other forms of government from ancient Greece to the American Revolution, the government of the United States of America, elections, and the role of the individual in a democracy. Participants will be required to read and study appropriate information (e.g. The Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution), write a paragraph a week about current event or other topic, and participate in class activities. Older students are welcome. Submitted By Rahel
  • Blog, Blog, Blog (no cost): This class is an introduction to the wonderful world of blogging. In this class, each student will create a blog and start blogging (or, if you already have a blog, you will take your blog to the next level). We will cover three components of successful blogging: the writing (appropriate writing style, determining a focus or theme--or not, developing your blogging voice, how to make posts cool, and so on); technical skills (designing a blog, entering text, inserting pictures or other multi-media items, search engine optimization, etc.); and the community aspects of blogging (making blogging networks, etiquette of commenting, what to do in flame wars, and related items). We will be doing hands-on activities in class, so please bring your own laptop if possible (and we will make arrangements to share for those without computers). Grown-ups are invited as well! Submitted by Maria & Carol
  • Could You Have Prevented the Civil War? ($10) By 1860, slavery had been outlawed in most of Europe, South America, the Caribbean, India, and Japan, all accomplished without warfare. Earlier in the same year that the American Civil War began, Russia voluntarily freed over 23 million serfs, which represented almost 45% of its entire population. So what happened in the US? Was the Civil War really inevitable? Or could we as a people have done something differently that would have ended slavery without bloodshed? Was the Civil War really about slavery, or were there other issues that drove the North and the South into armed combat? In this discussion-oriented class, we will examine the political, economic, and philosophical differences that led to the War Between the States. We will review the history of both slavery and regional tensions in the US, and compare and contrast the American situation with other countries who abandoned slavery without war. We will consider the conflicting moral issues of slavery, the social contract, democratic and Constitutional principles, and the desire for peace. We will read primary source documents and debate the pros and cons of going to war. The class will culminate with each student giving a presentation on her or his personal conclusions about whether or not we could have eliminated slavery without fighting the war that produced the highest number of US deaths out of any of the wars in which we have been involved. Submitted by Carol
  • Writing for $$$$$...NOW!!! ($5) There are so many writing contests out there for students ages 12 and up that award cash and other prizes. Let's work on entering a sense in everyone else winning all that money! We will write together in class using non-threatening, fun activities, and an added benefit will be experience that translates into facing the SAT writing test, and/or college application essays with courage and confidence. The goal is for you to learn tricks and tips to become a skilled writer, in a painless way that pays off! Writing required outside of class, depending how many contests students would like to enter.Submitted by Susan
  • Public Speaking: Presentations - including a memorizing and presenting a speech and/or poem. Work on confidence, projecting, eye contact, poise, persuasive techniques.Submitted by Stephanie E. ( )
  • Writer's Circle: (cost of printing approximately 5-8 copies per week of students 2 pages) This is a class for peer review of creative writing. Each student is expected to bring in 2 pages of original writing, providing copies for each class member. The writing will be read by group in class and constructive criticism offered. Each student is expected to read each sample and offer feedback. Submitted by Jaime
  • Forensics II: (TBD) Submitted By Theresa & Rahel
  • Artists: Seeing Ourselves: ($10) This class will give you an opportunity to explore the ideas of identity and the faces you show the world through a study of the history of self-portraiture. We will discuss techniques used from the period of cave painting, to the present day. Topics and artists to be studied will include Picasso and Cubism, Sofonisba Anguissola and the early Renaissance, Frida Kahlo and her Surrealist contemporaries, and examples of non-representational, or abstract, self portraits. Students will create two finished self-portraits: one representational acrylic painting on canvas and one non-representational collage. We will draw/sketch every class. Students will be asked to bring in an example of their favorite self-portrait and tell us a little bit about the artist. One time only.Submitted By Angela Z.
  • Sounds & Waves-Music in Physics: (TBD) Learn how a guitar amplifies sound, why the musical scale "works" (it's very logical), how temperature affects the speed of sound, and how noise cancelling headphones work. Play with slinkies and cool sound software. Look at your own "voice print" and compare it to others. Make your own "pan pipes", and may the best pied piper win! Homework will consist of reading & a few physics problems to solve. Approx. 1-1.5 hours/week. Requirements : Basic Algebra.Take home Work 1 -1 1/2 hours week. Submitted By Melody & Rahel
  • Beginning Genealogy (~$5-$10): Introduction into genealogy. Learn how to document your family tree using primary and secondary resources and where to find information online, both free and fee based. Learn what questions to ask when interviewing family members. For ease of record keeping, a computer based family tree program will be needed. If a laptop can not be brought to class, then family information would have to be written down on forms which will be available. There is an excellent free program at called PAF This is offered by the LDS church which has the largest holding of genealogical records. Please note, they will not contact you at any point in time Family Tree Maker is the other notable program but of course is not free and does not include access to their fee based records. There will be limited access to US and a few International records for specific lookups. Submitted By Beth
  • Card Games ($0) Once again offering card games. We play a different game each week: Rummy, Spades, Hearts, Canasta and their choice for the last week. Submitted By Beth
  • Teenage Brain in Search of Itself: ($8) Why do you feel like an alien in your body? Why don’t your parents understand you? Brothers and sisters don’t understand you.Even you have no clue why you said what you said, or did what you did. So what’s happening? Explore the mysteries of the teenage brain. You will learn basic anatomy & physiology of the human brain and go on a Web Quest to discover the answers to the mystery. Using a webquest, students will develop their own portfolio on topics in neuroscience. It is an inquiry- based search that requires students to create their own drawings, tables. They will answer questions as they explore topics related to neurobiology. At the completion of the quest project, students will have compiled a resource document that is a personal learning tool, and acquired a background on the topic. Working in project teams in class and 1-2 hours maximum of take home home per week. Submitted By Sandra (
  • Marx Brothers Review: (~$6) 1. Must like to laugh. 2. Must like to play with words. 3. Must like to watch funny movies. 4. Possibly, need to consume appropriate movietime snacks. However, this class will not be a cakewalk. We will look at the Marx Brothers films in the context of their era, explore the music in the films, news from the era, and discuss what we see in the films. Some take home work (ie. look for similar humor today, in a wide open, uncensored climate) Submitted By Kalli (