FALL 2011 Classes Submitted
As of Wednesday, 8/24/2011

5- 7 Year Olds

Science with the Magic School Bus (Kristen & _)
Each week we will learn about a different topic in science, led by the magic school bus. We'll watch one 20 minute video per week, look at related books, and complete a hands-on 'lab' were we get to investiage the topic of the week. Homework will be optional & fun!

Five in a Row (Kim)
Using children's literature as a guide, children will explore social studies, science, art, and applied math.

Biomes (Rahel)
Have you ever visited a desert? A rainforest? The Tundra? In this class we will visit a different biome each week, exploring its weather, flora, and fauna (and yes, we’ll use these words). The kids will build a model of each biome we explore.

On With the Show! (Kara)
Let's put on a show! We'll create the play together, adding to it and rehearsing every week. There will be something for everybody to do. If you don't like to perform, you can help "write" the play, create the "set design", and/or help direct. The emphasis will be placed more on the process and less about it being a finished play in the end, however, we will aim to perform it during the break in the last class of the session.

SUGGESTION FROM THE POLL (8/30/11): Someone has suggested an art class for this age


Art Detectives (Angela 5-week class)
Art Detective Discovery Kit Grades 3–4 "Art Detective is born of research that suggests learners build their own understanding through an active and personal process. Students learn how to use their eyes and think critically about what they see while training to be "art detectives" in this fun and interactive classroom experience." This is the description of a teaching kit from The North Carolina Museum of Art that I have used and can adapt into a 10 week class for the Co-op. About 30 minutes a week take home work.

The Human Body (Sheri 5-week class)
This will be an exploration of the various body systems. We will not be able to cover all the systems, but we will probably cover: cells, skeletal system, muscular system, circulatory system, and respiratory system. If there is time I might move into the nervous system and the digestive system. Some video and possibly some real samples might be used if the kids are comfortable with it. This class will require some reading and writing and there will be homework. Targeted at 8-9 year olds. No more than 1/2 hour take home work.

The Human Body Part 2 (Sheri 5-week class)
This class will continue exploring the human body for the second session. Systems such as the digestive, nervous and excretory that weren't covered in the first class will be covered in these five weeks. Aimed at 7-9 year olds. This class will require some reading, writing and homework. Videos may also we used if time permits. No more than 1/2 hour take home work.

Let's Celebrate - Festivals around the world (Amy 5 week class)
Each week we will explore festivals or celebrations from around the world, learning a bit about culture, language, religions, history and geography as we go. Some homework will be offered, not more than 30 minutes/week.

History Of Math Around the World (Laura Combs 5 week class)
We will explore the development of math by various mathematicians and societies, and we will discuss history and geography for context and to learn how knowledge travels. There will be 1/2 hour or less of homework each week.

Stepping Stones to Science or Beyond Five in a Row (Kim 5 week class)

10 -12

Chess Clinic (Nadine )
Basic knowledge of the rules and how the chess pieces move is needed for the class. We will work on basic openings, general tactics such as pins, forks, basic attacking and defending and endgame strategy. Each class you will have lots of opportunity to apply what you have learned through chess puzzles and games. Bring your own chess board. Homework will include playing chess and working on chess puzzles. ~30 minutes of take home work weekly.

Natural Disasters (Casey)
In this class we will be exploring the most destructive forces of nature, including earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, droughts, hurricanes, sinkholes, and tornados. We will read, study, and discuss how these events have shaped our planet and how humans contend with the unpredicatable and extraordinarily powerful nature of these forces. We will also draw from our new knowledge to write, experiment, and create! ~30 minutes of take home work.

Science Club-"The Story of Science, Aristotle Leads the Way" (Theresa/Melody)
This "Science Club" class will be based on Joy Hakim's book "The Story of Science- Book One Aristotle Leads the Way". The class will incorporate science, math, geography, history, multicultural perspective, language arts, and art. It will be set up in cooperative team learning units of 3-4 students/team and will involve directed readings both in the classroom and at home as well as homework. There will also be writing and critical thinking analyses involved. There are technically 45 lessons that are distributed over five units. However, the last two lessons of each unit are really assessments. I will be giving assessments to my own children and will be happy to provide them to your students as well. Here is a link to Joy Hakim's website: http://www.joyhakim.com/.Students must get workbook and textbook. Both can be found at Amazon.com for a total cost of $23.13, not including shipping. Other expenses to be determined. ~1 hour/week take home work.

Creative Writing Class
A class to allow students to practice and develop their creative writing skills, based on either the Legends of Druidawn or Writer's Circle format, depending on the students' preferences and/or teacher availability.


Playing with Shakespeare (Kara/Rahel)
This one is an old favorite. You won't sit quietly for long in this class! We will be unlocking the secrets of Shakespearian language and participating in a variety of acting exercises. At the end of the session, we will be performing several scenes from Shakespearian plays--and some sword fighting (not real swords) may be involved! Students will be expected to study their lines at home.

Drawing 101 - Materials, Techniques and Inspiration (Angela)
No previous art skills required. This class will be an introduction to the basics of drawing, using the time honored mediums of charcoal and graphite. We will cover the concepts of line, value, proportion and shading as well as various drawing techniques to get us to a few finished pieces that will pull all of these elements together. Homework will consist of carrying a sketchbook with you and completing about an hours worth of drawing a week. Approximately an hour a week of take home work.

World Religions (Carol)
This class will objectively explore the major (and some less-known) religions of the world. An overview of origins, texts, beliefs, rituals, and celebrations will provide understanding of the similarities and differences of world religions, with the goal of greater understanding and appreciation. The class will be objective, academic, and will not promote any religous beliefs or practices. Some reading, research and homework, not to exceed ~30 minutes/week.

Medieval Weaponry/Trebuchets (Karen)
Explore the world of Medieval siege weaponry. During this session, we'll be concentrating on the Trebuchet. We'll start the session with the NOVA video "Medieval Siege": <http://www.amazon.com/NOVA-Medieval-Siege-Stacy-Keach/dp/B0002TSZQK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1314672545sr=8-1> We'll use this video as inspiration when we break into smaller groups and move into construction of and experimentation with our own model Trebuchets (that the students will design). Along the way, we'll be discussing what's working and what's not with our designs, and making improvements. Hopefully by the end of the class we'll have some working models that we can launch at a target. Students signing up will need to feel comfortable building things and using tools (or at least have an aptitude for learning these skills)- drills, hand sandsaws, hammers, etc. Students will need to spend time at home coming up with design ideas/improvements for their trebuchets.